Was Lord Hanuman Really A Brahmachari?  

How many times did he marry?  


Ramayan and Mahabharat, the two main Hindu mythological writings, tell us stories about ancient India. From Vedas to Puranas, our beliefs and assumptions have been based on their various versions found across India.  

Our elders have been telling us the great stories from the mythological tale of the Ramayana. But many versions of them leave us in a state of confusion. One such story we talk about is about great Lord Hanuman or Mahabali Hanuman.     

Most of us know about his love and selfless devotion to his master Lord Rama. We also know about his pledge to stay away from the worldly pleasures and live a life of Brahmacharya - a life without marital relations.  

That is what we know or we might have heard. But is it true? Was Lord Hanuman really a Brahmachari and didn't marry? Or did he?  

Several theories prevail about it.