15 Little 'Wins' that Make a Man Feel on Top of the World 

GIRLS, they are very simple. Trust me! 

NO! I'm not a man. Nor is it International Men's Day.

Still wondering why I'm writing this? Well, I think I've broken the code. To all those girls who think men are simply a confused sperm, no, they are not. They are probably the most simple creatures. Don't believe me? 

Only a man can survive in the same boxer for three days and still don't complain about it. It's not those expensive watches or materialistic gifts that are going to impress him. If you want to make a man happy, focus on the little things. 

A few days back, I thought of pouring my feelings on paper, and when I failed to do so, I posted a question on my social media profile. Considering all the answers that I got from people around me I wrote this story on 'What little victories make a man happy'.

NOTE: It is not a sexist post! It is just to bring to your notice that men are not as difficult as they seem to be.