It Is Chocolate Day Today! Have 'Little Hearts' Come Closer?

Chocolaty love!

I can read your lips on your fingertips, I can feel your smile come on my lips, and Happiness in your eyes... Miss me... Huh! Have you felt LOVE lately?!

It is February 9 today, Chocolate Day, has the love story between Arpan and Shrishti gained momentum? Has the love story at the pick-up point taken those steps forward? With a proposal yesterday on Propose Day, has Arpan managed to get Shrishti by his side? Has love sprung between them? Can they share the same chocolate? Well, this will be clear from today's episode for which we are eagerly waiting! Chocolate is something that can melt even the toughest of the hearts. It is so alluring that one cannot refrain from being tempted by it. So, let us catch on today's episode to figure out if chocolate has managed to bring them closer.

A reminder for you guys, it has already been three days since the beginning of the V-week, has love knocked at your door? If not, there is still time. Love is a divine feeling, lucky are those who are able to taste this elixir of life!

So, this Chocolate Day, grab your hands on some of the luscious chocolates and do not forget to share with the love of your life or a crush or a friend or anyone whom you wish to make happy today. 

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