Meet a Little Girl Who Rides the Waves and Skates Like an Absolute Pro

It's surprising how good she is at this tender age of just 6!


You must know what an alpha male means, right? Well, in case you don't, an alpha male is that guy in the group around whom the whole group operates. In a simpler sense, he's the dominant male of the group. But, with the realisation and acceptance of the female gender's skill and importance, a new variety of alpha creatures have come into existence, and they're known as alpha females. And as is obvious, this term refers to the dominant female in a group.

The world has only recently begun to recognise and acknowledge the alpha females that live amongst us. And with an aim to bring more alpha females to recognition, Wild Beasts has brought to us a beautiful video album that rightfully goes by the name Alpha Female. The video shows a number of Indian women doing something that is considered unconventional for women, especially in India. 

And that 'something' is skating! But there is one little girl in particular who steals the whole show with her phenomenal skating skills in the video. She's just six years old, and is already skating like a pro! And it turns out, skating isn't the only thing she's good at. She even surfs like she's tamed the waves! Meet, Kamali Moorthy, from Mamallapuram, and scroll down to know her story.