Lionel Messi Gets 21-Month Prison Sentence But Will He Really Serve The Jail Time?

We cannot believe the order either! 


Just when Lionel Messi started recovering from the Champions League elimination and losing the La Liga title to Real Madrid came another blow, this time it's a massive one! 

Lionel Messi has been jailed for 21 months. Yes, you read that right, Lionel Messi, probably the greatest footballer of all time has been prisoned for 21 months following a court appeal to repeal the imprisonment following tax fraud allegations. 

According to sources, between 2007 and 2009, Messi and his father Jorge were found guilty by the Barcelona court for defrauding them for €4.1m from €10.1m in image rights earnings between 2007 and 2009.

Messi and his father did appear in front of the Barcelona court pleading their innocence, Messi also paid €5m voluntarily, including interest for tax arrears in 2013 but that wasn't enough. 

Today the verdict came that Lionel Messi and his father will be jailed for 21 months with immediate effect plus will be paying a fine of €2 million. 

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