How To Love Someone Who Is Trapped In The Clutches Of Anxiety?

It's not easy but it's worth it!

“I am wearing this smile that I don’t believe in,

Inside I am screaming but no one can hear a whisper”

This is what anxiety feels like. It is a struggle that is unseen and goes inside the head of the person who is burdened by the pressure of anxiety. It can be anyone and you can be totally oblivious of their trauma. The worst part is that it can be anyone from your friend, colleague, or even partner. It becomes immensely hard when the person you love is suffering from anxiety.

“I feel like everyone hates me


They are going to leave”

This is another type of thought that pulls down a person constantly. So, despite knowing the fact that you love them, they won’t be able to stop thinking that you will leave. This is also because it's something that they have faced. Either people failed to understand their condition or they pushed people away. In any of these situations, people left. That broke their heart so bad that now they are certain that you will leave too.

It is not easy to love someone with anxiety but after you have earned their trust, you are in for an amazing surprise. Here are some of the things that you may face when you are in love with someone who suffers from anxiety.