An Open Letter To Narendra Modi: I Left My Country To Settle Down In India But Feel Scared Every Single Day

Is India turning into the worst land? *sad*

(Eve teasing, molestation, rape, murder etc... looks like humanity is almost killed in India. After BHU molestation case, there have been talks that India is becoming the unsafest place for women. Here I wanted to share the open letter once again which I wrote after Bangalore incident that occurred on new year eve 2017) 

Respected Modi ji,

You might have already been faced with millions of words on the issue I am talking about but this letter is on behalf of all those non-Indian women who are dwelling in your country.

The entire India is today talking about the unfortunate Bangalore incident. News channels, websites, portals, social media platforms, all are flooded with a large number of agitated people writing, commenting and cursing Bangalore city's night of shame.

It's been a couple of days now that the CCTV footage of the shameful happening is being circulated all over the Internet. I was not at all interested to watch the unbelievable video clips and had been avoiding it because I knew, that would certainly depress me. But... poor me, last night while scrolling over Facebook feed, all of a sudden, I happened to see what had happened on the streets of Bangalore. It shook me and left me sleepless for the whole night.