12 Silly Statements Every Unmarried Indian Girl In Her 30's Has To Face

Oh NO!

Yo, we heard ya, girls! 

We completely understand that being unmarried after you cross 30 is a nightmare every Indian woman experiences. Girls in India are expected to settle (in marriage) before they hit that 30-year-old mark and in case you have gone against that norm for whatever reason, you become the pet project of every aunt. 

Women in their 30's are grilled and tortured with some of the silliest questions possible. Your decision to enjoy the spinsterhood for a few more years starts to take a toll on you when you find yourself flooded with unnecessary concerns sprouting from your aunts. We feel you, woman! And to offer our sympathies, we have compiled a list of such silly statements/questions thrown at every unmarried Indian girl in her 30's. 

To make the situation a little easy to handle, we have also come up with witty (and mostly silent) reactions by the unmarried lot.
If you are bold enough and tired of all these interrogative sessions, you may want to use these one-liners (aloud) to your defense.