Life Through The Eyes Of A Rape Victim

Death is the only thing I see now!


I keep asking myself for answers, but I know that no answers will ever come about. Why did this evil thing ever happen to me? How can someone be so sick to do something like this? I want my life back, although I know I will never get it back. I want my life back, I want it back **Crying**

You've taken away everything, everything! You've left me with shame and disgust and nothing more. I wanna just pretend nothing happened and it was all a dream. But how do I act like nothing happened when it haunts me every second of my life?

Rape. Such a disgraceful, evil, destructive act. Am I really to blame? Why do people look at me like it's all my fault? Nobody believes me; not even the one I love. He too left me to fight my own battle. Now I'm all alone, lost and ruined.

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