"Modi Ji, you have termed yourself as Pradhan Sevak but you are acting as Dictator"

An open letter to PM Modi on GST.


The day when Payoneer organized a session on GST in my office, I received a write up that was full of frustration on how GST is torturing people's lives.

Recently, Indore based engineer Nitesh Gupta wrote an open letter to PM Narendra Modi where he listed out 12 questions/queries and expected that he would receive answers to all of them. Here you see the copy of his letter to PMO.



Respected Mr. Prime Minister,

Government of India.

Generally, I do not start my letter with negative frame of mind. But, after requesting you by writing letter through different forum, today I cannot control myself. All my anger is accumulated in this email. 

Till today, I use to mention you as MODI JI (a person, I could connect). But experiencing your dictatorship for last 1 year (on GST Issue), I am forced to disconnect myself and mention you as Mr. Prime Minister (Dictator). In your speeches, you have termed yourself as “PRADHAN SEVAK”. But you are acting as Dictator, not SEVAK.

Please find your valuable time to read my following points and answer my question.

When you were not ready with Infrastructure of GST, why did you implement from July 1st. I have requested via many social forums, talked to many Government GST officers about half baked GST. Nobody, including you listened to us. Can’t government first prepare complete law and then implement? GST is not a small change in economy like DEMONETIZATION. PEOPLE OF INDIA DO NOT ALLOW YOU TO TAKE IMMATURE STEP. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO TAKE ACTIONS WITHOUT THINKING OF IMPACT ON CITIZEN .  GST has killed professional life, social life, business life of All Registered person, Tax consultant, Chartered Accountant, Professionals. Can you imagine a situation, sitting in front of Dumb GST PORTAL, waiting for response, praying for next step, hoping for no mistakes? All Registered person, Tax consultant, Chartered Accountant, Professionals are doing this for last 20 days. GST Server ----- Getting Hang multiple time in a day, generating wrong report, not allowing filing GST Returns, are just some highlights for the day. Security problem: Who has given you or your government right to play with our security data. GSTIN server is showing other dealer report in our login pages. How is it possible?  Continuing my point no.6. When you did not test your system properly, extensively, completely, why did you open GST server to common people? Who is responsible for this? Government advertise that we have full proof back up / support team for GST. In all government communication via page long advertisement, it is written that” Data is for indicative purpose, should not be used for final verdict of LAW”. Which data is authentic? Are we fools? For same question/query, GST helpdesk or Government Twitter Handle is giving different answers. Everyone is getting confused with these data. Is government making mockery of TAX COLLECTOR (Registered Dealer - RD). To prove yourself correct, you are launching many online/offline utilities. All utilities are full of Bugs. Again RD suffers. E-way Bill ----- RD are waiting for your E-way Bill. This will add to your half backed law, which will make our life even more miserable. TESTING OF ANY SOFTWARE WITH GOOD INTERNET SPEED IS EASY. Just send your officials to small towns and ask them to fill GST return. Then you will know the reality.

As a citizen of India, I need answer to all question mentioned above. When I send you letters via different forum, I doubt, you read any letter. I hope and pray god, this letter reach you and finally, you read this letter, as a citizen of INDIA. 

We need a PRADHAN SEVAK “Narendra Modi”, not DICTATOR “Narendra Modi”.

Nitesh Gupta

B.E. (Electronics), M.Tech (Information Technology)

Business man, Software Engineer, Tax Consultant, GST Expert, Professional

Email Id: niteshkg@gmail.com 

Place: Indore