10 Eye-Opening Laws In India That You Might Not Be Aware Of

An eye-opening piece!


Laws are an integral part of the smooth conduct in any organisation. They have to be abided by.

But there are many of which we are unaware. There are many which not been talked about, much. There are many which are hidden under piles of dust, waiting to be enforced and exercised at the same time. 

The Indian community is still unaware of a number of rights that are bestowed upon it by its federal government. From rights for safety and facility for women to live-in relationships not being illegal, here we get to you some of the laws and rights that will make you a more informed citizen of India. 

Informed and empowered, you will be after this piece. Do thank us for this.

Looking at the intricate and quite complex, that is the Constitution of India, we aim to give our audience an edge over others. We wish to have simplified some of the laws that you must keep in mind. Have an empowering read.