The Largest Job Fair In Central India Is Back to Boost Your Career, Don't Miss It!

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There was a time when I was looking for a job and had no one to show me the right direction. My parents, teachers, seniors were there for me but still, I was feeling something missing. Later on, I got to know the importance of being an active participant in the events like job/career fair. 

Job Fair at ITM Gwalior is probably the largest in Central India and is open to all the freshers, and experienced candidates for all kinds of job profiles. If you’re a recent graduate looking for a job, or even an experienced employee thinking of a switch, this job fair is just the perfect place for you to step forward, and go one step closer to your goal.

This year around 72 companies visited ITM University for on-campus placements. Day zero was shared by companies like Amazon, Directi, and Adobe.The range of the packages offered was from 10L to 18L. On Day 1, IBM, Wipro and Infosys shared the campus placement space. Day 2 was allocated to CapGemini. 

Around 22 other companies gave opportunities to the students from branches like Mechanical, Civil and Electrical. Also, the MBA students got brilliant opportunities by the likes of Jaro Education, TDI Infrastructure, having the highest package of 6L, and mostly all the eligible candidates were placed.

ITM University is allowing students from universities across India to participate in this fair as good numbers of recruiters are coming for mass recruitments.

If you want to be a part of this mega event, let them know you're coming, register here.