The Journey Of A Woman From Being A Street Vendor To Owning An Empire Is Inspirational

This is empowerment.


'Every cloud has a silver lining,' goes an adage. 

It is also said that nothing is impossible in this world; if you possess the unbending attitude and hardcore determination to achieve something. These qualities will do wonders in your life. Such is the case of Krishna Yadav, an agripreneur, who symbolises women empowerment in truest sense. 

Hailing from Bulandshahar district of Uttar Pradesh, Krishna is not a highly educated woman. Despite this, she has achieved success as an entrepreneur. She has shown the world that for achieving success in life, you need to be more confident about yourself. And that's what lacks in many of us.

Her story from being a roadside vendor who used to sell pickles earning hardly anything to becoming a successful entrepreneur and heading a business empire worth crores of rupees will give you a new vision to achieve objectives in your life.

Here's her blood-pumping story.