Know Your Body Shape And How To Dress For It

Learn what’s the most flattering for your body type!

Are we dressing in the most flattering way for our body type and more importantly do we even know what our body shape is?

Realising that it is the foundation that is not laid well, we thought of beginning with the basics. And you’d be surprised to know (I surely am) that there are 48 different types of body shapes but we’re limiting to the basic 4 major body types to keep it simple. 

Just remember whatever your size, you can have any of the four body shapes as it’s not about the size but weight distribution. The major body types are Inverted Triangle, Rectangle, Triangle or Pear and Hourglass and if you still don’t know which one are you, then you should now and see the difference for yourself when you start dressing accordingly.

Just bring out a measuring tape and read on to find your real body shape and what kind of clothes would flatter your shape.