#KisanLongMarch: Here's Why This is the Most Positive and Strongest Protest Ever

Approx. 40,000 farmers were on the roads of Mumbai but not even a single Mumbaikar's life is disturbed. 

India recently witnessed a march of 40,000 (approx.) farmers on the streets of the financial capital of the country, Mumbai. The peasants travelled more than 160 km in six days protesting against a critical anti-farmer policy. 

Though farmers often do not get attention and consideration, lately all the eyes were on this Kisan Long March which encompassed a vast number of peasants, but this is not the only reason why people were talking about it.  

Apart from being such a massive protest, what garnered our attention was the approach with which these farmers went ahead with the protest. 

Take for instance the one led by Karni Sena against the release of Padmaavat. 

This protest, on the other hand, was an example of how one can rebel without harming others.