From Policing To Being A Politician, Kiran Bedi's Journey Is Insightful

She has many firsts to her credit.


Kiran Bedi, India’s first woman IPS officer who joined police services in 1972 and served the country for 35 years, is now the Lieutenant Governor of Puducherry. 

Kiran Bedi earned a reputation of being tough a cop who broke new grounds. She is known to have stood by her ground refusing to buckle under any pressure while she was a police officer. In her career as an IPS officer, her focus was to prevent crimes, reform criminals and prisons, fight against drug abuse, support women’s rights etc. All this earned her a Ramon Magsaysay Award in 1994.

She excelled at sports too, especially tennis. Besides being a sports player, Kiran Bedi is an author, a social activist, and a recipient of the UN Medal for outstanding service. She is a law graduate from Delhi University and did Ph.D. from IIT, Delhi. 

As Lt Governor, her focus is sanitation and hygiene. She holds a wide range of administrative experiences.

WittyFeed traces the journey of Kiran Bedi who is an inspiration to millions of women.