Killer Aadhaar Strikes Again: Should The Government Review Their Treasured Policy?

Aadhaar: A boon or a pain?


Aadhaar Card is a boon they said, but reality seems very different.

In the last few months, several deaths have been reported among very poor people who did not receive food because of the Aadhaar based biometric system.

An 11-year-old girl in Jharkhand died crying for rice as her family had not eaten for days. Her family’s ration card was not linked to Aadhaar, and hence they could not get anything to eat. 

Another such instance was reported from Uttar Pradesh, where a girl died of starvation after she was denied ration until she came herself to give her fingerprints. This is despite her being ill.

Why is there no outcry about this? Media channels just report one incident on the day it makes the headlines and then soon switch over to something else.