Karan Singh Grover's Ex-Wife Jennifer's Bald Image Is Going Viral Over The Internet

She has some guts!

Indian actresses sure have panache, beauty, brains, style and charisma. But what people often forget is that they also have guts! A lot of them. Girls and even guys, reading this, ask yourselves this, "At this moment, can you chop off all your hair?", and majority of us would say a blatant "no" as our answers!

Our leading ladies have, over the years, set innumerable examples for all of us but this one is just too hard to handle and digest! After Pee Cee, Nandita Rai, Shabana Azmi, now Jennifer Winget has taken the Indian entertainment industry by storm by chopping off her hair.

Fans were still in doubt after seeing her Instagram video but when she posted this picture, everyone over the internet lost their shit.