Ever Wondered Why Kangana Ranaut Never Revealed Her Relationship With This Man?

You will be shocked to know about the man.


The lady who is recognized for her extrovert nature, Kangana Ranaut who never held herself twice before standing for what is right for her. She is ruling headlines these days for her straight forward statements that she delivered in her interview at Aap Ki Adalat. At the program, she shared the course she went through, some stories of her time with many of her co-stars like her ex-lover Hrithik Roshan, her abusive relationship with Aditya Pancholi and the director-producer, Karan Johar. 

But the question I am here to raise is why she didn't expose and revealed about this man she was in a relationship with. 

Do you have any idea about the person I am talking about? If not, keep reading. Because trust me, you will definitely be astounded to identify the fellow I am addressing. But first, we will discuss what we know about Kangana's most famous ex-relationships.