Justin Trudeau Helping 5-Year-Old To Build A Pillow Fort Crossed All The Limits Of Cuteness

Adorable is the word!


There goes a saying, "In the eyes of the kids, you'll see the world as it should be."

Can't ask for more beautiful lines about children. Can we? While most of us only dream of having a childhood where we could have supernatural powers to beat all our enemies and to become the superhero of our nation, a turn of event became a dream come true for a five-year-old girl in Canada for at least one day.

Bella Moose, who won the CBC's kids contest to become the Prime Minister of Canada for single day, could've used her powers to order delicious food, to roam around the nation in the chopper or at least to travel in a luxurious car. But, as we know, the demands from children are as sweet as their real character and bright faces.

So, what goes on inside the office of a Prime Minister in Canada when a five-year-old takes office for a day?

Let's find out!