Justin Bieber Doesn't Want To Drive On Indian Roads, 10 Such Creepy Demands He Made For His India Tour

And we have the list!

Whether you are a fan of Justin Bieber or not, you might have heard about his tour to India. The pop singer is scheduled to perform at DY Patil Stadium on 10th May. The purpose of his visit is to complete his world tour.

The internet went crazy when the price of tickets for his concert was announced. The VIP tickets of his concert were available for Rs. 76,000. As the date of his debut concert in India is coming close, his organiser of his show has given a list of bizarre demands which the 23-year-old Canadian Singer has given.

Musical journalist, Arjun Ravi took to Twitter and shared the details of the press release provided by Bieber's team. The list looks like a prerequisite for bringing Justin to India.

It is not unusual to hear about the demands of celebrities when they take a tour but Justin's list is something you don't see very often.