Remember Sony TV's 'Just Mohabbat'? Here's How the Cast of the Show Looks Now  

Don't Darro-fy, Simply Karo-fy... Just Mohabbat...!

"Chinchinakii bablaboo, zindagi mein sau dukh... What to do? What to do?"

Remember singing this song all the time? If you do, my dear, that's how old you are! Back in 1996, a show was aired on Sony TV, and it was the best thing that we used to watch. Jai's cuteness as a protagonist to all the problems that he had to face in his hostel life looks so relatable today.

Now that the way we perceive things has changed, it is obvious that the characters who made this epiphanic realisation possible might have also changed. Come, let's take a look at how the cast of the show has changed and what they are up to now.