Who's This Indo-Canadian To Win The WWE Title After The Great Khali?

He surely is a deserving champion!

We all know about the might and strength the Great Khali possessed that made him India's first ever pro-wrestler to wear a WWE title around his waist in 2008. Well, seems like history has repeated itself, but not for Khali, instead, for the new Indian that has taken the WWE Universe with his Punjabi might and skills. Ladies and gentleman, presenting, Jinder Mahal the new WWE champion, an athlete who is cunning, quick and deadly with his powerful finisher which he calls the 'The Khallas'.

In the match that took place on Sunday night, or Monday morning (IST), Randy Orton (who held the title till last night) took over Jinder Mahal, who stole his WWE title after he defeated Erick Rowan in a hard-hitting No Disqualification match, Mahal, with his Indian friends, Bollywood Boyz slammed the Viper and took the title from Randy saying, "Randy, you're just like all of these people, you disrespect me because I look different!" 

After this incident, Mahal confronted Orton in the title match today in which he successfully took over the Viper and won the title, becoming the second Indian to reach the spot after Khali.