Meet Jasprit Bumrah's 84-Year-Old Grandfather Who Is Forced To Drive A Tempo 

Despite Jasprit being so rich!

In one day internationals and T20 cricket, Jasprit Bumrah has made a name for himself, a name which is there to stay. Since the departure of Zaheer Khan, we Indians were searching for a fast bowler who could be relied upon, while Umesh Yadav and Ishant Sharma are options, we just don't know which version of them would be turning up in the game and that's why Jasprit Bumrah is the go-to option. He's one of the more reliable bowlers Indian cricket has and at the moment the sky is the limit for him. 

But while Jasprit is high flying, earning crore's of rupees in a year, his grandfather, on the other hand, drives an auto to make the ends meet and his while his grandson is lucky enough to enjoy the pleasure of finer things in life, same is not the case for his grandpa. 

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