From 'Present Maam' to 'Jai Hind': Is Patriotism Defined by Calling Slogans in Classrooms?

40% Indians don't think so...


Patriotism is a funny thing, really. You could show your love for the nation using slogans on top of your voice or by your simple acts such as not throwing trash on the ground. Everybody has a different way of showing it. And there's no right or wrong way.

Take Bhagat Singh and Mahatma Gandhi, for example. Both had immense love for Hindustan and truly devoted their lives to the motherland but had different ideologies and paths. We can probably NEVER question their love for the nation because maybe both extremists and moderates played an important part in the freedom movement. 

Let's apply it to the current scenario and talk about the whole national-anthem-in-movie-theatres gig. It's a hot topic where people have different opinions. Where many are all in for the idea and many believe it is forced patriotism. The correct answer? We don't know maybe because there is none.

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