Ivanka Trump's Glance At Justin Trudeau Is Going Viral On The Internet

And the internet did notice, can't dare to miss!


Ivanka Trump who's now often spotted on Instagram while enjoying her stay at the White House, surely had something in common with many people in the U.S. while she laid eyes on Justin Trudeau during the Canadian Prime Minister’s tour of the White House on Monday. Nope, I am not going to tell you what's it about. I’ll let you try and figure out what. I trust your intuitions, my friend.

During his first in-person appointment with President Donald Trump, the Canadian Prime Minister had a roundtable conversation about women in the workforce. Ivanka leads the roundtable and "helped recruit participants and set the agenda," reports the Associated Press.

But based on photographs taken by Getty Images and Reuters from that conversation, it doesn’t look like female entrepreneurship was the only thing on Ivanka’s mind.

And Twitter, as usual, took notice of those hungry AF eyes.