6 Tech Events You Can't Afford To Miss

AI, ML, and many more!

Whenever I remember my college days, the memories I made during the fests come to my mind and I feel so good about it. And being a tech freak, tech fests were always very close to my heart.

Tech fests have been one of the most successful fests of all time and of all the colleges, where there is not just a monotonous flow of knowledge, instead, there are highly interactive activities, workshops and events which even let a layman equally participate just as much as our beloved geeks. 

Have you been to a tech fest before? Or is your college going to have one soon? No problem if you haven’t been to any one of these ever, or if you’re going to attend one soon. I’ll give you an overview of what you SHOULD JUST NOT MISS. So without wasting any more of your time, let me share with you some interesting aspects of tech fests.