2 Pence Was All That This Kid Needed To Scare His Mother & Fire Dept

They panicked, literally.


Future is unpredictable and carries many surprises. An incident, which occurred in the Cornwall county of England on April 30, 2017, proved it.

A mother decided to take her kid along when she left her house to purchase grocery goods. But seldom did she imagine that she would get into trouble and may need fire department to come to her rescue.

Yes, a normal chore turned into a panic situation when a mother kept her car keys in the boot of the car. Kids are never short of mischief and are unaware of what it could lead to. So, her 14-month old son Brandon who was kept safely in the back of the car did something mischievous. 

While his mother was busy unloading the bought items in the boot, the toddler couldn’t keep his hands off the lock button. What happened next? 

Read on to know complete details.