Is It Love Or Just Affection? Here Are The Ways To Find Out What Your Heart Says

These 12 ways will answer everything for you!

We all somewhere have that dream world where we see our fairy tale love story finding wings. Not to deny, there is much difference between a real life story and an imaginary one. The basic theory of falling in love starts with attraction where we tend to get attracted towards someone who makes us feel good, comfortable and reminds us of the people that we enjoy being around. So basically, it is all about feeling good and positive around that person which can not be properly described in words.
Love and affection are two aspects of a relationship which are slightly different from each other. We mostly misunderstand affection with love and vice versa. If we decide to spend our entire life with a person, we need to be very sure that the base of relationship should be love, not just the affection. 

Here are some ways to find out if you are really in love: