Is It Love, Lust Or Addiction? We Have The Answer To Your Feeling!

And the name for it, too!

'It's complicated' is every second person's status today! To get over the unnecessary yet inevitable complications in life, we are trying to help you figure out your feelings. Ours is a generation who falls easily and gets over easily, too. We often mistake feelings for someone as true love, while it is something else, that else maybe just an attraction or mere lust! Just to simplify your life and to give you a better insight into the relation you are in at present, we bring this set of questions to you. 

There is no denying the feeling of true love and when it is LOVE, there is no backing out or even doubting it! This is a fact. Moreover, love is something that happens effortlessly but takes immense efforts to be maintained! Thus, a caution for all you guys out there, seriously looking into the relation you are in, take this quiz to get in touch with reality. 

Feel free to choose!