Is Dawood Ibrahim Dead? This Is What Chhota Shakeel Reveals About His Condition!

Dawood got a heart attack and...

Dawood Ibrahim, the big daddy of underworld, has always been the target of agencies like R&AW, ISI and the list goes on. Apparently, he also never left an opportunity to go out of hand in order to spread terrorism around the world, and several bombings have been associated with his name in the past. 

You might have witnessed or heard about a lot of his acts and the ways of capturing him through the eyes of our Hindi film industry yet in the real world he continues to evade all the measures taken by the governments of the world. 

The terrorist group head that was recently in the news again, the reports said that he’s not well but when countries couldn’t capture him for so long then, how can we expect any of the rumours regarding his health. 

So, according to IE, we bring you the words of a person who belongs to his inner circle and what he has to say about Bhai’s health!