People Are Calling Irfan Pathan's Selfie With Wife 'Un-Islamic' And We Strongly Disagree

This is outrageous!

Being a celebrity in a country like India comes with its own pros and cons. Especially when you're a Muslim, you'd be watched, noticed, appreciated and criticized when something unusual happens.

But you can't and shouldn't stop living, right?

Recently, the left arm Indian swing bowler posted a selfie with his wife Saba Baig for the first time on his Facebook handle and what followed was traumatic. Endless people criticizing and blaming him for letting his wife show half her face and probably one fourth of her arms. I'm not even kidding you, this really happened!

A series of Muslims even wanted him to give up Islam because he let his wife wear nail polish and therefore, disrespected his religion. 

It is unbelievable and yet we live in a world where we talk about ''equality'' and "women empowerment" on a daily basis. Ironic?