These Internet Trolls After Snapchat CEO's Statement Will Make You Laugh Like HELL

We Indians are certainly RICH when it comes to trolling!

"Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel has said the markets like India are too poor even to consider."

Fun fact: India is the biggest market for WhatsApp, and even Mark Zuckerberg considers it as a potential market. But Evan is a genius guy you see, the guy who bought Snap's IPO which never crossed the first-day closing price. He is also behind the 'stories,' which is losing its ground against Instagram xD. 

Okay, jokes apart Evan is really *intelligent* to consider a country with a population of 1.200+ billion a poor one, a country which is a potential market for any app or platform, whose success is determined by traffic and active users.
Evan is very young, and he has a lot to learn ahead, but you see we are Indians we may have a problem with playing National Anthem before and after shows but you dare to say anything about our country and we will make sure you go where you belong.
Same thing happened with Evan, Indians started freaking out when Evan's statement starting going viral on the Internet.

Take a time to laugh seeing how people backfired Evan on social media!