The Most Bizarre Fatwas Issued in India by Darul Uloom

From installing CCTV cameras to using social media...


Oh no no, this is not just another Anti-Muslim or derogatory-towards-Islam story. Some of my best friends are Muslims and that is how I first came to know about Islam properly. Islam is one of the most powerful religions in the world and is pretty difficult to follow. Not to imply that other religions are not powerful or easy, for that matter.

But sometimes, we come across some notions which are impossible to imagine. Everyday things for us - going to a beauty parlour or celebrating New Year's or marrying a guy who works at a bank - might not be acceptable. Well, that is the case when it comes to Darul Uloom Deoband, an Islamic University located in Uttar Pradesh. They are particularly famous for their fatwas. That's what this story is about. But, first things first.

A fatwa is an answer or a religious decision made by an Islamic scholar or a mufti.

NOTE: There are different interpretations of religious texts and so is the case with the Holy Quran. So, let's not go all judgemental on the entire religion because of these fatwas.

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