12 Cricketers Who Married Twice 

Whose is the most controversial marriage?

Marriage is surely a covenant but at times it breaks, and things go south leading to the shattering of two lives. This can happen to anyone and the reasons remain unique to every couple breaking up. If you see, even the star cricketers have experienced the darker side of a married life that ended with divorces and second marriages.
Now, before we quickly jump on to finding those cricketers' names and judging their choices, I wish to acknowledge you with the fact that we must not have a say in someone's private affairs. They're stars and they've all made their nations proud by the way they played and entertained us. So, nothing like this should even come close to taint their image.
Here, I provide you with the list of cricketers who married twice just so that you get to know more about these stars' private life.