International Boxer, Amir Khan Comes To The Rescue Of A 7-Year Old Pakistani Boy

Amir offers a life-saving treatment for 7-year old.


Ali Hassan is a seven-year-old boy who is from a remote village in the eastern region of Pakistan. He is unable to see out of his right eye due to a gruesome lump, and the lump has been there since years. His father, Muhammad Mansha had desperately appealed for the treatment of his son in Lahore where the sources for treatment are not enough.

Amir Iqbal Khan is a British Professional Boxer. He is also one of the youngest ever World Champions winning the WBA (World Boxing Association) title at the age of 22. Amir, on 2nd June 2017 has come up offering help to pay for life-saving treatment for Ali Hassan, whose life is in danger from a large tumour in his eye. The star took to his official account on Facebook asking for more information about Ali, whose story appears to be spreading very quickly; after reading his plight online. 

Here's what happened next!