This Deepika Fan is Creating Artistry On Bollywood Stars, and It is Commendable

What you don't know about these pictures is that all of them are photoshopped. 


It wasn't a long time back when pictures of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh, adorned with beautiful wedding outfits were making rounds on the Internet.  While everyone was startled to see those pictures, only a few noticed that all those lovely images were photoshopped.  

Yes, photoshopped and the person who edited those images is a self-acclaimed biggest fan of the duo. And not just DeepVeer, this artist has edited pictures of various other celebrities too. 

When WittyFeed came to know about this artist, we decided to reach out to him. So, check out some fantastic artistry made by Sidhaynt Nath, 17, under his pen name Sid's Gallery.