Love the Way You are: 20-YO Nimisha Verma has Some Real Life Lessons for Young Minds

People these days talk about activism. But have you seen anyone saying, "Hey, I am lonely today."


A beautiful blonde haired young lady, with ink all over her skin, labret-pierced bottom lip, and eyes that could see through you... this was Nimisha Verma when I saw her for the first time sitting in the conference cabin at WittyFeed. 

"She must be a hippy stud," you must have judged her till now! I am sorry to break the ice, but you're wrong. 

Most of us recall Nimisha as a girl who left her house when she was 17 to follow her dreams. But what is behind this now 21-year-old, the one I met recently is what I have brought for you.  

So, in the time when we see people talking about the critical matter of feminism, equality, depression, Nimisha gave me insides of one of the most common yet unpopular topics of consideration, i.e., ACCEPTING ONESELF. 

Come, let's read what this vagabond has to say.