Age Is Just A Number, Ladies! Kathrine Switzer Has Proved That

Passion personified!


It is proved. Women, like wine, get better with age! 

In 1967, when women were barred from running the Marathon, Kathrine Switzer, did something unusual.

For 1967 Boston Marathon, she registered herself as K V Switzer, to hide her gender.  A race official tried to physically remove her after he discovered that she was a female. Kathrine dons many hats. She is an author, a television commentator and a marathon runner. Born in Germany to a US army major, Kathrine is a woman of strength. She had paved her way in the Boston Marathon in 1967, and since then there is no looking back. A trailblazer, Kathrine has repeated the feat of Boston Marathon 50 years later. She was happily cheered by the crowd, who was delighted to see her run.

Kathrine Switzer, who is now 70, ran the Boston marathon this year and broke all shackles of age!

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