What It Feels to Enjoy and Have Fun During Whole 9-hr a Day Job, Mrinali and Pratish Know It Well! 

When job is not exactly a 'job'!


10 - 7!



Being so formal!

Follow-ups, updates... bla bla bla... 

Ah... most of us feel the same when we picture 'job' in our mind, right?

But can you imagine there exist people for whom, doing a job is equivalent to 'chilling and having fun all day long'? Sounds interesting? Welcome the social media generation's planet where youngsters are actually establishing their career on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and what not. Undoubtedly, digital media giants like WittyFeed are providing them with a huge platform to turn their passion into a career.   

To support with examples, Mrinali Dass (23) and Pratish Mehta (25) are two lucky ones who are actually living the whole new definition of serving a regular job differently. Enjoying what they love and getting paid for the same. *Ideal it is!*

They can really make many of you jealous. It's okay, handle it! ;)     

You’ll love to know about Mrinali and Pratish. Never know, even you might end up choosing the career they have OR changing your mind and determining to chase the dream that you carry in your heart.