From Slums to Acting, This Is How Vipin Sharma Has Broken the Stereotypes

"There's something that happens inside you, to get in touch with it is the most important thing."

Do you remember the man who played Ishaan Awasthi's father's role in the movie Taare Zameen Par, a father who took his son's unrecognised talents as a mere excuse for his laziness?

Well, in reality, that father aka actor Vipin Sharma is a wholly different person. 

His journey began from a place where he was nothing but a little kid from slums who had the desire to become an actor. "I wanted to be an actor right from my childhood," says Vipin Sharma. The only way for him to watch movies was to go along with his friend's mother to the houses where she used to work. "I used to tag along with them," shared Vipin.

One day, he wanted to watch Vinod Khanna's movie, Achanak. "I was drawn to this film which has no songs. Lekin us din kya hua, kisine mujhe aane nahi dia." He was not allowed to watch the film just because he was a poor slum boy. That day he took a pledge that, "Ye log jo mujhe apne ghar me film dekhne aane nahi dete hai, ye log mujhko ek din apne TV par dekhenge."   

He then started his career with a vulgar play. From there, he took admission in National School of Drama and went to Canada to become a video editor. He then came back for being an actor and got the role in movie Taare Zameen Par. But in between all this chaos, the only thought that never left his mind was that he knew he wanted to become an actor.  

So, how about, we hear his story from slums to being one of the most admired actors of India.