WittyFeed - beyond stories

With thought, precision, and love!


You know how our generation uses words like ‘start-up’ and college ‘drop-out’ as a trend and anybody to everybody is running after it?

Back in 2011, scenarios weren’t very divergent and so, as a bunch of a few 17-year-olds, we also started our journey, with a Facebook page - Amazing Things in the World and trust me, we couldn’t have guessed it in our wildest dreams that it would lead us here. All of us involved, have always wanted to do something out of the box but also something that would impact the people and the world around us. We wanted to amend lives, reorganize the society and most importantly reform India. Our first child was born on 10th May’10 and we named it Vatsana after the seven people who co-founded it. With ATW and Vatsana Technologies on the run, we discerned the need of an appropriate dais in the world of Content and that’s how WittyFeed - Express and Explore Beautiful Stories was born. We started off as a listicle and charticle based content generating firm and boy! was it tough but equally amusing. From a team of a few 20 to now a family of more than 100, we’ve all come a long, long way in the last three years! We were now serving over 100 million netizens with a family and working force of just 120 and we had established ourselves as the fastest growing content company on the globe. Being one of the largest content players, worldwide, we thought now was the perfect time for a change. 

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself. - Andy Warhol”

In the years that have passed by, apart from just sharing stories and unrolling virality with the world, we had given WittyFeed an indispensable element: Branding Values. By now, we were already in an irreversible process of helping big brands like Zee, Panasonic, Ebay, McDonalds, Tata Motors, Dunkin’ Donuts, LakeLand, Dabur, ICICI, Durex and many more in reaching out to their adequate audience, marketing their products and showcasing their values. We’d seen it all, up till now, the ups, downs, good, bad and worse and we wanted to undergo a change. We were outgrowing ourself at a pace so swift that it was unmatchable. We needed to RE-BRAND. Our team worked on the re-branding campaign for over a quarter and with sheer precision and smart engineering we came up with WittyFeed - beyond stories. And guess what? You will be thrilled to know the full story and the reasons why we decided to take re-branding into consideration.