Stories Behind The Heroes Of Mars Orbital Mission Are No Less Than A Saga Of Sacrifices

People who reached the infinite universe!


No one can stand against if a person says that, Indian women are made from some kind of substance that purely puts them into a special category of being a great human being. I am not differentiating, just saying what I have observed it and you'll observe it too after reading this through that this land (India) produces women that carry a heart which is meant to give love. Yet they prove that they are beyond boundaries of social restriction as they are as mighty to break the glass between the earth and the space to reach the infinite universe.


Was that too much for a metaphor? Well, no. As the pretty ladies that you're going to read about literally made that metaphor a real event.

Mars Orbital Mission (M.O.M) which is well known to all as the Mission Mangalyaan was launched on November 5th, 2013. The project is the biggest achievement of Indian Space Science till date as it was something that took other space organisations including NASA, several attempts, but was achieved by ISRO in its first attempt itself. Also, it was India's first interplanetary mission.

But there is something more to this historic mission, the scientists that sent the rocket to orbit Mars happen to be women. Indian women, for that matter!