Models With Disabilities In Ethiopia Walked The Ramp And Totally Slayed It (Video)

There is no dearth of talented people on our planet!


It doesn’t take much efforts or a second thought to crib about our features or body. A slightly broad nose or even a chipped nail is enough to give some of us sleepless nights and bring down our confidence level frighteningly. Despite being well-endowed with efficiently functioning body parts, we refuse to praise or thank the Lord and instead jump on the bandwagon of wailers. Now, this is completely unfair and unwarranted!

Look around, and you will find many people who are challenged in some way or the other, still trying their best to use their other assets without giving in to their disabilities. In fact, there are some who transform their disability into strength ranging from a man without hands using his toes to paint to an optically-challenged girl creating beautiful sculptures out of the sand. There is no dearth of such talented people on our planet.

Today’s flavor comes from Ethiopia where models with disabilities walked the ramp and slayed it completely.