This 11-Year-Old Subway Therapist Will Heal Your Soul For The Price Of A Mere $2

The feel-good story of the year! 


With life being as cruel and tough as it is, we can all use a 'feel good' and inspirational story once in a while; not only to renew our faith in humanity, but also to act as much needed food for our souls. 

The story of Ciro Ortiz is one such truly inspirational tale that is pretty much guaranteed to reach the very core of your being and touch you in a way that might just bring you to tears. Whilst other children are hanging out with their friends or at home playing the latest video game, Ciro is busy helping to heal people's lives and renew their spirits in a way that no other child his age is capable of doing. In fact, not very many adults would even be able to accomplish the soul-healing feats that come so naturally to this young boy. 

Read on for more regarding this remarkable child named Ciro and his heart-warming story.