Slamming Parents, This One-Armed CBeebies Presenter Does Something Unbelievable

A 'loose women' act!

It all started in 2009 when the English jobbing actress Cerrie Burnell got an opportunity to become a presenter for a kids' show on CBeebies channel. 

If you don't know much about Cerrie, then you must see this article, because this could change your perception towards the world and how you see the world. But instead of receiving a warming welcome from the audience, she became the victim of harsh criticism which came from parents of children who watched her show.  The social media was flooded with comments of concern that how could BBC recruit a one-handed presenter for a show meant to entertain innocent children.  And recently, on being called scary, Cerrie hit back at those parents by an astonishing act. She did not only shut the haters up but what she did is inspiring to many and shows it doesn't matter if the world is scary, you have to stand for yourself. What she did is worth reading!