'My Mom Died In The Shower': 5-Year-Old Clutches Baby Sister And Runs To Neighbor For Help 

This little guy is a true hero!


We've heard heroic stories of kids saving lives before, but this story of a 5-year-old, Salvatore Cicalese from San Tan Valley, Arizona, will surely win your heart. This brave little heart has been praised a hero for saving his mother's life after she suffered a seizure while in the shower. Little Salvatore, found his mother bleeding from her head in the bathtub, he immediately clutched his baby sister in his arms and ran to the neighbor's house for help. The neighbor soon called 911, and Salvatore's mother was saved. 

Salvatore's mother, Katelyn Cicalese, survived the seizure and is now recovering. The little guy was honored for his bravery by the Rural Metro Fire Department. He was presented an honorary firefighter certificate, a patch, a shirt and a helmet in tribute to his bravery and this incident even earned the hero the nickname 'Super Sal'.

Read the whole story to know what exactly happened and how Salvatore saved his mom, while he also took care of his baby sister.