Inspiring Journey Of A Woman From The Doors Of Corporate Office To The Farms Of Organic Food  

An agent of change!


It is never late to follow what your heart says, or follow your passions. Vishalakshi Padmanabhan has done just this. A chartered accountant by profession, working in the firm KM& Co. (says her LinkedIn bio), Vishalakshi has been creating ripples with her work in the organic food industry. 

Working in and around Bengaluru, her farming collective, ‘Buffalo Back’ aims to make the complete process of farming, ranging from production to delivery, as sustainable as possible. She wants to minimise the usage of plastic bags. 

She works out of her farm in Bannerghatta forest, 40 km from Bengaluru, Karnataka. Now, she has an experience of nine years in farming. She thinks agricultural sector of the country needs her. 

Another lesson here, you have to find the right place for yourself to fit in and simultaneously make efforts to make your mark. 

Read on to learn her inspiring story, that will propel you to take the less-trodden but highly satisfying road to attain the ultimate goal of your life.