This Inspirational Video Message Made By A Teenager Who Has A Brain Tumor Will Give You A Reason To Live (Video)

Gone through a dozen brain surgeries, still high on life!


Isn't it funny that some people are complaining about their lives, saying that they are done with it and saying that they might just die? I find it funny. But have you ever seen any specially abled person say such things, because my friend it's not about being abled or disabled, it's about your perception and what hopes you have for tomorrow.

Lewis Hine, a 16-year-old teenager from England, has set the bar up high for those who lack inspiration. On his 16th birthday, he released an inspirational video and displayed all the struggles he faced and the hardship he went through. But these stand nowhere between him and his goals.

See the story of this young man and fill that inspirational void in you.