Survivors Of Horrible Acid Attacks Narrate Inspiring Tales That Deserve To Be Heard By Millions

Acid attack survivors inspire others to stand on their feet. 


Acid attack is the worst infliction on a human by another human. And the worst part is that it can happen to anyone.

Monica Singh, Laxmi, Shaboo, Geeta, Dolly, Naieema, Iqbal, Carla Whitlock, Hanifa, Christine .. are not just names. They are acid attack survivors who showed extraordinary courage to become self-reliant and are now an inspiration for others. 

A worldwide phenomenon, acid attack is gender-based violence as 85% of victims of are women. Women are often targetted for rejecting marriage proposals and fighting back sexual harassment. For 15% male victims who are attacked with acid, the main cause is property dispute.

In India, it was acid attack survivor Laxmi who pressurised the government to enact stricter law for checking sale of acid.

Here is the brief description of courageous women.